Introducing Coinup Co.,Ltd, a leader of the Korean laundry market.

Company Overview

Coinup Co.,Ltd specializes in laundry equipment with unrivaled expertise in operation

and management of commercial and industrial laundry equipment.
Our own brands include ‘LW_Washer’ Series, ‘CTN_Dryer’ Series, ‘ZEUS_Washer & Dryer,’ ‘Typhoon_Washer,’ and we specialize in commercial laundry equipment from LG and SAMSUNG Electronics.
We are the distributor of ‘Speed Queen’ from Alliance Laundry Systems, the world’s top laundry equipment brand. They also occupy 40% of the global laundry equipment market.
And we are the Korean agency of Fagor Industrial, a Spanish laundry and kitchen equipment brand.
We provide a range of high-tech laundry equipment, domestic and imported, including sneakers washer/dryer.
We are expanding the scope of the laundry equipment market and diversifying laundry services.

Our business network spans various sectors, such as domestic government offices, university hospitals, hotels, resorts, military bases, welfare groups, corporate/university dormitories, school corporations, apartments, and residential and commercial complex construction sites. We boast the largest laundromat brand in Korea, ‘SELFIA,’ and premium laundromat brand ‘Laundryzone,’ based on 30 years of accumulated technology and 20 years of laundromat business expertise.

We have signed the MOU and established cooperative relationship with GS Retail, 7-Eleven, Ministop, CU and Lotte Hi-Mart to operate Add-on Self-laundry stores using the latest IOT technology. Also, we're exporting the laundromat operating systems and solutions to US, Mongolia and Philippines and introduing Korea's laundry culture to the world.

Technical team of Coinup Co., Ltd. has the latest maintenance technology by renewing service technology certification every quarter, operates CS center at the headquarters and support A/S through branches nationwide, and possesses all imported equipment' parts to provide the best service in Korea. So, we're proud of the best technology in Korea.

Coinup technology research lab is continuously researching and developing mobile/cloud-based equipment management services (MLO, KLO), laundry equipment that combines IT technology, IOT technology services, 5th generation kiosks, and energy-saving AI systems through its own technology development. has various patents, certificates, and design certificates, which prove the differentiation of these technology developments.

Coinup Co., Ltd. will continue to do its best to create value and happiness for customers as a leading company in the domestic laundry business.

Company Information

  • Name of Company

    Coinup Co.,Ltd

  • Date of Establishment


  • Business Item

    Washing / Drying equipment, Equipment operating system

  • Business Field

    Development of laundry equipment / Unmanned laundromat consulting service

  • Type of Business

    Manufacturing / Trade / Service