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System developed by Coinup Co.,Ltd

Ki-Laun System (Kiosk-Operated Laundry System)

Patented Ki-Laun System is a self-serve laundry management system.
Managers can remotely operate the store easily and quickly via PC and mobile to manage equipment and solve customer complaints.
(Patent - Network-based Unmanned Laundromat Operation Management System and Method/Patent No. 10-1268958)

Mobile remote management App (Mobile-Operated laundry System)

Managers can easily operate stores and equipment, and customers can use the service smoothly and conveniently through the mobile remote management App.
MLO service is a next-generation laundry business solution with IOT functionality, data mining, and simple mobile payment.
* Signed a $3 million supply contract with US IT PAY in 2019

Smart Card System

For customer convenience, we offer a smart card system for smooth operation and management, accepting all payment systems: coin, banknote, electronic money, Mifare (In-House) etc.
* Smart Card System is an RF card system used only in specific stores.